Take your place among your sisters and awaken your full potential.
Because we rise together. 

Women’s circles

Ever since the dawn of humanity, women have gathered to share stories, create together and share both their grief and laughter. 

Today, most women have forgotten this ancient practice and most of us have been taught to distrust each other from a young age. 

But there are many who want to restore true sisterhood again, who know we need community to thrive now more than ever. 

Do you feel the call to sit amongst sisters? 

Share, listen, grieve and laugh together? 

You are welcome, sweet sister, in our circle. Let’s restore sisterhood to its ancient power! 

Upcoming events

Your host

Hi I’m Sarah

I host and guide women’s circles following the template of the Round Table; everyone is equal and gets her space. As a former social worker, I have great experience with guiding people to come together. My emphasis is on creating a safe space where every woman is welcome exactly as she is. True sisters help each other grow, this is the basis from which the circles are held.

What you can expect

Sisterhood Ancient Rituals Herbalism Safe Space Cyclical Living

In these women’s circles we come together to dive deep into ourselves, share in a safe space among sisters and to work in group on certain themes. Doing inner work together works like a catalyst! We offer each other support and love.

As a herbalist, Sarah always provides delicious teas that accompany the specific theme of the circle. These teas are made from healing herbs, so aside from the women’s community aspect, you will also learn to reconnect with the plants and their delicious healing benefits. 

And much more…

Complimentary online community

Join the complimentary Facebook group ‘Cyclical Women’ and gain access to valuable information on your feminine body + cyclical nature. This group is made with the purpose to create & support the community of women who are fully ready to reclaim their sensual freedom. Both within their bodies and outside in nature; Yes to cyclical living! Yes to all seasons inside and out!

In this group, you can ask questions, connect with sisters and receive exclusive free workshops and masterclasses. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity and join the virtual circle!