The Cyclical Living Podcast

A podcast that aims to inspire & empower you to live your full cyclical soulful life. 

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  1. Come back to your body & nature through Cyclical Living 

In this episode Sarah Dous, holistic health coach, bodyworker, herbalist and Priestess of the Avalon Rose Lineage, talks about what Cyclical Living is, why she decided to make a podcast on this topic, how the linear mindset of society is unsustainable for the planet and the individual and how you can implement a more cyclical approach in your life to life a more fulfilled, soul-based and pleasurable life.

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  1. Cyclical Business & heart-felt action/rest with Juliet Lippman

In this episode we speak with Juliet Lippman, a high level business development mentor and launch doula for devoted fempreneurs. Juliet specializes in soul strategy, clarity and pleasure with love at the center of all of her teachings. 

In this episode she talks about 

  • Cyclical Soul Business: How you can surrender to the natural rhythms of your body to show up as your full intuitive self in your business.
  • Breaking the chains of a linear 9 – 5 job through paving your own path from the inside out.
  • Listening to your body & keeping your root safe so you can fully open your heart in your relationships and soul’s work.
  • And much more deliciousness

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3. Your voice as a channel for the return of the Divine Feminine 

In this episode we speak with Elsa Field, a fearless soul singer, Goddess visionary, Priestess of Avalon and sacred & devotional musician. 

In this conversation with Elsa we weave the Mysteries beautifully with the Mundane.

Topics that come up:

  • What does it mean to be a feminine spiritual leader in today’s world?
  • Quitting the rat race and coming back to a life by design of your soul/higher self
  • How to infuse your life & offers with feminine magnetism
  • The archetype of the Priestess of Sacred Sound, Temple Musicians and Dancers
  • Midwifing the return of the Divine Feminine through channeling her sacred sound
  • Allowing your voice to be heard & using it as a channel to move energy of grief, anger, joy and happiness

And more… 

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04. From trying to “save” others to supporting them from a place of strength

In this episode I speak about the pitfalls of trying to “save the world” or “fix a person’s problem” from the archetype of the Savior, and how to shift into a more empowering approach.


Topics discussed in this episode

  • Transcending the overwhelming feeling of having the weight of the world on top of you.
  • Explaining the ‘drama triangle’; a concept that is based on power over and how to turn it into power with.
  • Learning how to pick your battles; you don’t have to do it by yourself & the power of coming together with like-minded souls.
  • How to let your passion be your compass in life.
  • Taking care of yourself first, so that you can support others from a place of strength. 

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