Be your most embodied self

🙅 No more pushing from an empty cup 

👌 Yes to living in accordance to your own pace
rooted in body & nature

Hi, I’m Sarah! 

I assist women and men to come back to their natural pace through (1) their body and (2) nature around them, so they can open up to their deepest layers, rooted in pleasure en soul-purpose

Werk met me

In our current society many are being forced to work beyond their capacities; 

always going & never allowing to take a moment of rest

and/or working way below their capacities, in a place that is completely void of pleasure and purpose.

Operating in zombie-mode.

It breaks my heart everytime I see someone force themselves to fit in the mold of the ‘concrete jungle’ when they are so full of desires and life force.

I f*cking care about people’s innate specialness and I am fully convinced that everyone has unique gifts that others & the planet long to receive. 

When you work with me you will be challenged to love yourself & become your most embodied version. (Challenged in the most safe & loving space.) Because

I want to see everybody
as their most embodied
& pleasureful self!

Hi, I’m Sarah. 

Avalon Rose Priestess

As an ex social worker that was stuck in the action-crash loop; always running around, pushing myself into what I believed society wanted from me and not taking any time for rest until I crashed, I can greatly empathize with your pain & fatigue. This all changed for me when I slowed down and turned to the cycles of my body & nature to set the pace. 

That’s why I’m here to assist you reconnect with the natural rhythms of your body, soul and nature with Cyclical Living. This will transform your life from only surviving to fully thriving

The world wants you in your most embodied, soulful and radiant self!  


Als geschenk, van mijn hart en baarmoeder aan het jouwe, bied ik je een gratis E-book aan; Maantijd, de magie van menstruatie. 

The Cyclical Living Podcast

A podcast that aims to inspire & empower you to live your full cyclical soulful life. 

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Listen to this episode on Spotify, RSS or watch on Youtube.

Listen to this episode on Spotify, RSS or watch on Youtube.

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