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Free Masterclass
‘Live from deeper pleasure through the Trinity of Female Body Wisdom’

In this masterclass you learn how to connect to the wisdom of your female body from softness and pleasure. You will learn about the Trinity of female body wisdom and how you can incorporate more joy, creativity, pleasure and softness into your daily life.




Free E-book
‘Moontime, Magic of menstruation’


Moontime, The magic of menstruation, is a small E-book about living with menstruation as a way for personal empowerment instead of suffering. It is easy, accessible, offers basic information and practical self-care tips & tricks for your cycle.




Free pdf
‘Plant allies for your menstrual cycle’

In this pdf you will learn about two plant allies that you can drink in tea. They will support you in making your menstrual cycle more comfortable and your body more deeply cared for.