Step into the fullness of your being

A woman who lives with the power of her menstrual cycle is highly intuitive. She trusts her worth and uses her voice to speak for what she believes in. She can tap into her deepest desires and uses her creative force to manifest them on earth.

A woman who lives with the magic of her menstrual cycle steps out of the lineair, patriarchal, timeline where we always need to perform, take constant action and need to grow endlessly. She embodies the Wise Woman archetype that knows when it’s time for action and when it’s time for rest.

A woman who lives by the wisdom of her menstrual cycle transforms centuries of shame, persecution, guilt and pain that is forced upon this holy biological technology. She remembers the voice of her grandmothers who were the Medicine Women. Who are still here in you! 

Are you ready to fully step into the wisdom of your body?

Free flowing woman ☥ Coaching journey ☥

Remember the Magic of your menstrual cycle

In this Coaching Journey ☥ we go on a spiraling path deeper into the wisdom of your body. Every journey is unique, so too is this ☥ Coaching Journey ☥ unique to your needs and desires. However there are some main subjects that are our foundation, the starting point:  The female menstrual cycle has four major archetypes in harmony with the four phases of the moon. Following that holy structure there are four main aspects to this  Coaching Journey ☥.










Meet Your sensual Creatrix

The menstrual cycle is one of creation. This can be manifested in a baby but also in cooking, painting, dancing, sensual sex, organising, caring for loved ones, getting your business out there, and so on… 
Connecting with your menstrual cycle opens the doors to your sensual, creative self. Every month you go through a descent (moontime ~ bleeding time) and an ascent (ovulation). Together we become conscious of that movement in your body~psyche. At your moontime we get clear on your dreams and any seeds you want to nurture into life, at your ovulation we fully embody this in any way your creativity wants to be expressed. 
You learn to fully embody your Creatrix self. All this with an emphasis on sensual pleasure, why? Because sensuality is the love language of the female body and pleasure is the best way to grow. 

Work with the four archetypes that live within you

The menstrual cycle is divided into four main phases. These phases are connected with four archetypes, four seasons and four moon phases. In the ☥ Coaching Journey ☥ you learn to map out how these phases flow for you and learn to adjust your lifestyle according to them. This will help you shift any stressful patterns of endlessly working and giving, into a more body based time frame that will offer you to act from the energies that are alive in you at that current phase. This will enable you to plan according to your upcoming energies, which will make your relationships and projects more soulful and your life more joyful. 

Shadow work

For millennia women have been suppressed, the wisdom of their bodies neglected and actively shamed. This has many negative effects, one of the biggest being that most women believe that pain and suffering is an inevitable part of menstruation. False! The menstrual cycle is deeply spiritual and the main source of female wisdom. However being able to transcend these integrations of false ideas asks for some shadow work. In this ☥ Coaching Journey ☥ we work with the negative statements that have the biggest impact on you and block you from living in your free flow. Together we reclaim the wisdom of your body.  

 Live from the wisdom of your body

In a world where everything needs to be bigger, faster and stronger we are feeling exhausted. In patriarchal society the wisdom of women’s bodies ~ menstrual cycle ~ is not honoured and does not get the rest it needs in order to thrive.
In this Coaching Journey you will find an intimate sanctuary where you connect to the deeper layers of time and set your own pace according to your body.  We map out self-care practices that easily fit into your schedule. As a trained herbalist, based in the Wise Woman tradition*. You will receive herbs and recipes that support your menstrual cycle. We will shed light on where you might block yourself from taking rest. And we will look at the practical tools you use to support yourself during your cycle. In short we look at 360° of self-care related to your body’s wisdom that you can take with you from this coaching journey. 

*  The Wise Woman tradition focuses on integration and nourishment. There is no “one cure for all”. Wholeness and the uniqueness of the individual are central. This is the way our ancestors have been healing themselves throughout time. The main message of the Wise Woman tradition is: “Trust yourself and trust your body’s inner knowledge”. 

I reclaim being a Free flowing woman




















This ☥ Coaching journey ☥ is for you

☥ you want to awaken your feminine wisdom
☥ you want to connect to the full spectrum of your being
☥ you feel menstruation is something magical and want to work with it instead of being a martyr of it
☥ you are tired of being a victim of your monthly cycle and want to be able to enjoy it in a pleasurable way instead of in pain and agony
☥ You want to practice in the mystical arts of Moon Magic
☥ you are passionate about life and//or want to remember your inner fire ~ sensual creativity
☥ you are tired of this bigger ~ faster ~ stronger mentality
☥ you want to bring more harmony into your daily life
☥ you want to connect with the deeper layers of universal time
☥ You want to train in the mystical arts of moon magick
☥ you want to remember your inner Wise Woman, your Medicine Woman
☥ you want to embody a ritualistic life
☥ you want to learn self empowerment tools
☥ you want to dive deep in a soft and gentle way
☥ you want to learn to connect to your inner voice and be able to express it
☥ you want embody your sacred sexuality without fear or shame
☥ you want to flow freely 

I reclaim being a Free flowing woman


































Practical + What now?

The Coaching Journey ☥ is a four month journey where you receive weekly calls, with one integration week per month. And you will have constant support from me through telegram. 

Apply through this form, afterwards you will receive an email with an invitation for an introduction call to see if our vibes align and this   Coaching Journey ☥ is the container to help you in reclaiming the magic of your body through connecting with your menstrual cycle.
In the vibes call we discuss the payment plan.

As Wisdom Keeper of Moon Magic, I would be honored to hold space for you dear lady.
If you want to know more about me visit this page.
And if you want to know more about the   Coaching Journey ☥, just fill in the form and we can see from there on!