A 2 hour masterclass that will radically bring you back to your body and the planet you live on. 

This Masterclass is for Activists, new paradigm leaders and Sacred Rebels who want to change the system from the inside out. And for all others who would like to live a life based in Soul purpose and Pleasure. 







Is this you? 

✢   Your energy feels low and you find yourself pushing from an empty cup.

✢   You are sick and tired of living everyday doing something against your will, but you just don’t see a practical way out. 

✢   You feel on the verge of a burnout

✢   You are sad and/or angry from living in a zombie-like state completely void of pleasure

✢   You feel overwhelmed by the endless problems in the world, this results in you taking action at 150% and have no idea how to let go or take rest. 

✢   You don’t know what your desire is. You can’t pinpoint where you are good at or what your goals in life are, and/or have no idea how to start living your dreams and goals. 

This all can feel so f*cking overwhelming.

But what if I told you that the solution doesn’t lie outside of yourself?

When you learn how to live rooted in your body & nature, you cultivate resilience and make room for pleasure to lead the way.

Cyclical Living Masterclass content 

Rewriting linearity into cyclicality

Getting real on your shadows of glorifying exhaustion and/or outsourcing your dreams
Re-connecting to the deeper layers through Action & Rest 


Your Body as Compass

Learn to listen to your body’s signals
Support it fully with healing herbs







You will learn 

✢   About the different levels on how to live in a cyclical way (Yearly, Monthly & Daily) and how easy it is to flow with those cycles  

✢   How to prevent burnout through listening to the signals of your body and then actually do something with those signals 

✢   How to restore the energy levels in your body with adaptogens (type of healing herbs

✢   How to bring lightness into your life, that you don’t have to have it all figured out. Instead you  cultivate a deep trust in life.

✢   How to bring back balance in your life. Not as a far out spiritual idea, but a truly grounded approach, rooted in your body. 

✢   How to trust your desires, and use them as your compass in life.  

I’m here for you!

I’m Sarah Dous, and I want to see everybody as their most embodied pleasureful self! 

Because I truly believe this will bring us back to nature and help restore the mess we’ve made as humans. But this cannot come out of a martyrdom. It is our pleasure, our dreams and our embodied radiance that will restore our place in the whole. 

And I’ve been there, my love…

As an ex social worker that was stuck in the action-crash loop; always running around, pushing myself into what I believed society wanted from me and not taking any time for rest until I crashed, I can greatly empathize with your pain & fatigue. 

This all changed when I decided to follow my deep passion and slow down to live with the cycles of my body & nature. 

I care profoundly about nature and our deep connection to it. It breaks my heart everytime I see someone forcing themselves to move beyond their body’s capacity or tries to fit into a mold that is obviously depressing the sh*t out of them. 

When you work with me you will be challenged to become your most embodied self, (challenged in the most safe & loving space 😉 ) because I am fully convinced that we all have unique gifts that others & our planet long(s) to receive. All we need to do is slow down and learn to trust in the time it takes to bring them out. 

The Cyclical Living Masterclass will offer you the tools to do just that


21st of august

19h CET 

Replay available for evahh 



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Before working with Sarah I contorted myself to fit a thought pattern that I had learned would bring me acceptance and recognition. It all had to happen now or never. There could be no such thing as a bad day. “Let’s get on with it.”

I struggled with the need for structure and rest. Which I simultaneously rejected when it came from an external factor. I wanted to find stability in myself, not in something/someone else. 

From working with Sarah I learned to use the nature that is in me and that moves around me as a source for the structure I so longed for. And that is a very different kind of structure from the one I had always known. 

It feels like an act of resistance to train myself to adopt a different sense of time than that of the dominant discourse. A sense of time that can allow society to rediscover and celebrate its unexplored feminine qualities. The world would be a much different place.

Above all, I found the playfulness in myself again and a depth in life that has already given me a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm. I am less afraid of the future and have expanded my toolkit for dealing with imbalance.








You can find it al within, baby.
It’s time to embody who you truly are.

If you have any questions message me on instagram @dous.sarah 

or email me at info@douspardous.com