Cyclical Living for Her

a 5 week practical Mastery














Do you desire to…

Transform pain & discomfort that has been imprinted on the feminine body for centuries into softness & pleasure?

Cyclical Living for Her
is for the woman who is ready to reclaim her body.

You, who want to deeply trust and love your feminine cyclicality on an emotional, physical and spiritual level

You, who want to rise to new heights of pleasure, sensuality and come home to yourself, exactly how you are.

Can you relate to this?

You feel stuck in a never ending loop of action/crash, and want to incorporate more time for rest and relaxation in your life. 

You feel overwhelmed by your
emotions, like they are pulling you in all directions. You feel that you don’t have a grip on your inner world.

You feel tired, stretched thin from always caring for others and feel guilty if you take a moment to yourself.

You feel not enough & too much at the same time. You’ve learned to suppress your sensuality.

Your menstrual cycle is painful, uncomfortable and feels like a curse.

… But you desire to experience this:

You listen to the deep intuitive, creative voice within you by creating spaciousness in your schedule – and as a result: you manifest your soul-gifts on earth with pleasure and epic results. 


You are deeply equipped with the tools to hold yourself in all moments, the happy and the sad. You deeply know your cycle and every archetype that lives within you. You are able to understand your emotions and express them in a pleasurable and self-compassionate way. 


You live a life that is rooted in pleasure and confidence. You can tap into the endless pleasure your female body can experience and fully embrace your sensual Queen self!


You hold strong boundaries that allow you to take care of yourself and are able to take time out of your busy schedule for self-care practices that reinvigorate you. Which brings you in a more loving and abundant state of being that ripples out in all your relations. 


You deeply know your body and are able to listen to her messages and can give yourself whatever it is that your body is asking of you, in doing so you transform (menstrual) pain into softness.


Your embodied wisdom of the cycles of your body creates a deep trust in the cycles of life. As within, so without. You navigate the inner and outer world like a boss. 












This is what Cyclical Living for Her will bring into your life, love… 

The Journey

Cyclical Living for Her  is a five week journey that will deeply and lovingly reconnect you to your cyclical pleasure for the rest of your life. 

We start the 1st of july and end the 29st of July. Every friday in between we meet at 8p.m. CET via zoom.

Week 1 – Open to your Flow

Get to know the natural flow of your feminine body by learning all about her, her needs and her deep connection to the earth & universe.



  • Basic anatomy & introduction into the hormonal dance
  • Mapping your cycle
  • Lineair mindset vs. Cyclical living
  • Learn about Earth Womb, your Womb & the Cosmic Womb

Every woman’s cycle is divided into four clear phases that are linked to the four seasons. In the remaining 4 weeks you get intimate with them; You learn their needs, desires, how to balance them and co-create with them to step fully into the soul-based creatrix you are! 

Week 2 – Winter

Learn how to hold yourself in darkness with trust and grace. In this portal we dive deeply into the winter of your cycle, which is the menstruation* phase. 


  • How to take care of your body during menstruation (Herbal remedies & DIY tutorials)
  • Shadow work: Reclaiming menstruation as a beautiful, natural process
  • How to reduce cramps, PMS and other pains linked to menstruation
  • Awaken your inner Wise Woman

*People who no longer or don’t bleed still experience  the energetics of the phase. 

Week 3 – Spring

In this week you reclaim your creative, wild woman essence from the patriarchal ‘good girl’ shackles. The spring phase is the time where you belong to none other than yourself with wild and free creative energy. 



  • Cultivate trust for your visions/dreams
  • DIY Yoni steam, Dance practices, …
  • Shadow work: Release the good girl and awake the wild woman within 
  • Awaken your inner Huntress

Week 4 – Summer

A radiant woman is one who takes time for her pleasure. In the summer phase of your cycle you learn how to open to pleasure in your life.



  • Female anatomy of pleasure
  • Shadow work: Releasing shame and guilt around sexuality
  • De-armoring the pelvic floor & activating Magnetic Breasts
  • Awaken your inner Queen 

    Week 5 – Autumn

    This week is about trusting your intuitive, feminine, intelligence. In the current culture this intelligence is often ridiculed, here you learn how to set necessary boundaries for your energy and how to cultivate deep self worth.



    • Learn to trust/listen to your intuition 
    • How to set healthy boundaries (the gift of Anger)
    • Self-massage for the ovaries & womb
    • Awaken your inner Priestess

    We start Friday the 1st of July


    OPEN: Friday 1st @8p.m. CET

    WINTER: Friday 8th @8p.m. CET

    SPRING: Friday 15th @8p.m. CET

    SUMMER: Friday 22nd @8p.m. CET

    AUTUMN: Friday 29th @8p.m. CET

    After every live Zoom circle you’ll receive access to the portal with teachings & practices. Replays of the circles will be available.

    Access to a private Facebook group to exchange with your sisters & ask additional  questions
    (I will be in the facebook group every week at least 3x).

    Lifetime access to the information from the portals.

    After walking the spiral path of Cyclical Living for Her, you will be able to fully embrace your cyclical nature as your biggest tool for self-knowledge and self-love.

    I know the pain of being in a female body…

    Hi, I’m Sarah

    As a child, 7 y/o, I first learned about the female reproductive system through my mothers ovarian cancer. One year later she died…
    So this is the tragic way my little self learned about womb, ovaries, menstruation and even how childbirth works. 

    When I was a teenager and first started bleeding, I didn’t have a woman present to tell me how to take care of myself. So I was left with the – unhelpful and severely damaging –  teenage magazines, to educate me. I quickly learned that menstruation is a dirty thing, and we need to use tampons asap, cause otherwise people might smell us and think we are disgusting. When I had menstrual cramps and headaches the doctors didn’t offer me any helpful advice. And like many other young women, I was put on the pill ‘because that’s the way it goes’ without being explained all the negative side effects this has (and there are many!) 

    Needless to say I didn’t love my feminine body.

    I actually wanted to be a boy, maybe you can relate?

    In 2016 everything changed for me. I was invited by a dear friend to participate in a weekend “Wild Women”. 

    In that space, I remembered the magic of being a woman: that I have been gifted the body of a creatrix, one who could hold life and use this creative, sensual, energy for anything she desired; projects, relationships, … 

     This was my initiation into the world of true femininity, I realized I could never have done it alone and this is why I created the Cyclical Living for Her program. 

    I hope all women feel blessed for being born in a feminine body, because we so are!  

    What people say about my teaching style…

    I can always go to Sarah for a multitude of information about our cycle as well as about how we can be a woman and especially are allowed to be a woman. How you can behave, how you can feel good in your own skin and how you can be fully yourself. In just a few minutes, I already received many tips and information that helped me quickly to move forward.


    I love how Sarah is very available to talk about everything that has to do with femininity, whether it is about the womb or menstruation or… She has a very broad knowledge. Sarah has done many studies, read soooo many books, listened to many podcasts and creatively shares this knowledge to you. Sarah is the person to go when you could use tips and tricks to make your life more pure and connected with femininity.

    Laura B.

    The investment

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    pay in full


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    payment plan


    €99/month for 4 months

    Free Flow – deep dive


    Free Flow program


    5x 1h 1:1 coaching sessions with me

    All prices are vat exclusive

    You have lifetime access, so you can take your sweet time. 

    Is every cell of your being screaming YES! This is for me!   But you want to click away because you don’t have the funds? My dear, I see you! Money should never ever ever be a blockage to feel at home in your cyclical body! Therefore I am offering some spots where you pay what you can. Please fill in this form if you wish to claim one of these exclusive spots. 

    Cyclical Living for Her is a perfect blend of feminine juiciness… 














    The program is filled with codes of the Sensual Queen, the Wise Woman en the Eco Femme. After the program you’ll be fully taped into these archetypes within you; 

    Sensual Queen 

    The female body is made to receive pleasure. After the Free Flow program your embodied sensuality will infuse every aspect of your life. Get ready to bathe in sensual pleasure, Queen! 

    Wise Woman

    The wise woman is the one who knows how to take care of her body. After Free Flow your self-care practices will flow so effortlessly into your daily life that you won’t ever need to stress about “not having enough time for self-care” anymore. 

    Eco Femme

    When you take care of your body, you are healing the earth. You’ll remember how deeply you are part of nature. You’ll forever tap into the cycles of the land where you live and the cycles of your body.

    What you bring to the table…

    This program is for women who are ready to embrace their full self. I’ve poured my heart and soul into the content, you need only show up. There is space for you in your light and dark aspects, so no need to hide! You will get most out of this program if you show up in the group calls and in the portal. You don’t need to do it all, but it’s important that you are invested in the material in your own way. Doesn’t matter if you spend four months in one portal, if you are dancing with the content you are invested as hell, and that’s what is needed to actually get worth out of our time together.  


    This program is not for the ones who expect me to give you thé magical potion that will cure you. You don’t need to be cured, and even if you did, that’s your own life’s story. I am here to offer you support, insight, and embodied wisdom I’ve cultivated along the way. But in the end, you are the one who sieves through the multitude of exercises and teachings to decide which ones assist you in becoming a radiant woman. I am not the guru or the all knowing one (hehehe, just typing this makes me feel yuck. ;p) I am here to walk beside you when you activate your own body-based wisdom. You get to flow and walk the spiral path into yourself, love.