About me

I am Sarah, Wisdom keeper of moon magic…

Ancient soul, here to help women remember the wisdom of their bodies…

Hi there, 

I am Sarah Dous, Priestess, creatrix, teacher and coach. I am here to help women remember the wisdom of their bodies through working with the magic of their menstrual cycle. 

My story

My story with the womb ~ menstrual cycle ~ began negatively. When I was seven years old, my mother got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After a year of chemo and a hysterectomy, she passed away. Losing my mother to an illness of the womb had such a huge impact on my vision towards the womb and anything that had to do with that. 

My menarche ~ first bleeding ~ happened at age fourteen. All the how-to’s I learned from magazines and friends who had the same age because there was no mother figure present to help guide me. Needless to say I didn’t know that much about it and had the full impact of society’s vision on my moontime, not positive. 

From the age of nineteen to twenty three I studied social work in the university, whilst working on the field in different organisations. They taught me how to hold space for individuals and groups. My focus throughout this education was emancipating individuals with finding their voice and guiding groups with the most divergent people in harmonious cooperation. However this hunger for deeper connection to the feminine stayed, and at the side of my studies I read books and went on multiple shamanistic retreats to awaken my wild woman and heal my womb. There I met a lovely lady who thought how to bleed, invaluable information that transformed my life. 

At twenty four I worked deeply through some shadows around my mother-wound. It became clear to me that my womb was actually in perfect health and I was trying to heal my mothers womb. All my work around menstruation was based in the fear of getting ill myself, or seeing loved ones get ill. The integration of this shadow has finally brought me to a place where I choose not to fear pain. I feel this deep call to work with the womb ~ the menstruation cycle as a central theme ~ but now from a space of expansion rather than hurt. My mothers story was the instigator for this journey, but as often happens, the next generation has the option to transcend, create beauty, love and healing. I chose to see the power and love in the womb. This is why I do what I do.
I’d be honoured to work with you and see you standing in the power of your womb ~ menstrual cycle.

Thank you for reading my story and being part of my Grail Quest to the wisdom of women’s bodies with the magic of menstruation. 

Let’s connect in love.


I have studied Social Cultural Work in the University. Throughout that time I’ve worked for four years in the field of social work. 
Currently I am expanding my knowledge of the mystical arts to facilitate more deeply; I am an Avalon Rose Priestess at the Avalon Rose Chapel of Annabel Du Boulay. A Herbal Medicine Woman through the Gaia School of Healing. A bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and a Queen seated at the Round Table of Awakening Avalon and the Avalon Rose Chapel.  I continue to be deeply immersed in the menstrual cycle; training with MovingInside and researching from authors like Miranda Gray, Christian Northup, Susun Weed, Seren & Azra Bertrand, and more… And finally I am training to more fully embody Sacred Sexuality through mentors and teachers like Aubrey Rose, Emily Nagoski and more.


You can reach me through email, messenger or instagram. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. 

Reach me at: sarah@douspardous.com