You deserve to be cared for

Dous producst are about the Divine Feminine in us all. They want to assist you in your personal connection to the cyclical nature of your body, the inner feeling of your Goddessness and at the same time respecting our planet and her resources through accessible, beautiful and practical zero-waste products.

Handmade with love for you

and the earth

Zero-Waste Self-Care

In a world of lineair-consciousness women aren’t properly valued. We are cyclical beings. All humans are, no matter the gender, but in women it’s just a tad more expressive. In our monthly cycle we have a clear ascent and descent of energy. In our current society however there is not much room for descent-energies, we are asked to keep working, keep showing up no matter if our bodies are in pain and telling us to take it slow. I believe it is imperative for all women to make time for themselves to rest if we want a less male-oriented and more soft female world.
The products you can find here are all about helping you to make that delicious time of rest.


Reusable cotton sanitary pads.
They allow your blood to flow out instead of being plugged-up what causes cramps and other menstrual problems.


These Sun.pillows are like cherry pit heating pads. The warmth of the is very supporting for your flow, it relieves cramps and gives a general nice feeling.

Made with upcycled fabric.
Heating in the oven or microwave.


Chart je cyclus en vind je innerlijke Creatrix
Het Maanwiel is een oefenboek waarin je jouw menstruatiecyclus chart en het patroon tussen jouw cyclus en de maan leert kennen. Dit zorgt dat je weet wat jouw uniek ritme is en je dit kan integreren in je leven. 

Upcycled Goddes Jewelery

The collections of jewelry are in the theme of a specific Goddess. 

To me, the Goddess is not some sparkly woman sitting on a chair in the clouds, next to the guy with the long beard. She has as many faces as there are, where and will be women on the earth. Not to mention the female animals, plants and other life forms. Even broader than that, I believe she is a concept living in our subconscious mind that we can call upon at will. As Carl Jung explains, the stories we tell as a collective make up who we are and what we value. It is highly time that we rewrite//transform the current subconscious collective story of the ‘damsel in distress’, ‘evil stepmother’ or ‘ever-giving mother’ with the reawakening of old myths and legends of Goddesses in their beauty & terror, love & chaos.




Tiamat is an ancient Babylonian goddess. It is said that she was a great dragon that offered her body to become the earth. The waters are her blood. The earth is her body. We are living on a breathing, sleeping dragon…




Venus is the goddess of love and war. She always acts from an open heart, both as a lover and as a warrior. She knows how to hold strong boundaries and does this from a place of love.






We know the goddess Gaia as another name for our planet.
Most people speak of Gaia as our primal mother; she nourishes us, sustains us, keeps us safe and warm. However it is time that humanity shifts their perspective towards our planet from a mother-child relationship into a lover relationship.




I ordered a beautiful citrine necklace from Sarah and received it beautifully packed in a hand painted envelope. The necklace was packed full of love and it was bliss to open it up. I love to wear this special beauty!
I was wearing the necklace for my Bee Priestess initiation.

- Bärbel W., Graz Austria

Bauke on Moonpads
– In Dutch –

This necklace is so beautifuuul. Thank you!
I’ll wear it tomorrow with my princess outfit for my work with the kids!

- Tine

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