Come back to the fullness of your being

1:1 Coaching 

Break free from the action-driven way of living that is depleting us.  

Come back to your true self; Follow the natural rhythms of your body and nature based on action ànd rest, so you can open up to your deepest layers, rooted in rest, pleasure and soul-purpose

For Her & Him.

Hi, I’m Sarah

Holistic Health Coach



Avalon Rose Priestess


As an ex social worker that was stuck in the action-crash loop; always running around, pushing myself into what I believed society wanted from me and not taking any time for rest until I crashed, I can greatly empathize with your pain & fatigue. This all changed for me when I slowed down and turned to the cycles of my body & nature to set the pace. 

I care profoundly about nature and our deep connection to it. It breaks my heart everytime I see someone force themselves to move beyond their body’s capacity to fit in a mold, when their desires are so juicy, so full of life force. In my 1:1 coaching you will not be told to ignore your passions, you will be led towards them. Through cyclical living, it becomes easy, manageable and joyful

I f*cking care about people’s innate specialness. I am fully convinced that we all have unique gifts that others & the planet long(s) to receive. 

When you work with me you will be challenged to love yourself & become your fullest version. (Challenged in the most safe & loving space.)  


I want to see everybody being their most embodied, pleasureful self!

The Focus

Cyclical living

In a linear world, there’s only one way and that is UP. We need to move faster, get better results and always strive for more. This can be extremely stressful to an individual and very unsustainable for our planet. In this 1:1 journey, you will learn how to step out of the “always-more” paradigm by connecting to your cyclical nature. You will come home to your body’s infinite wisdom by learning how to set a pace according to your own needs, energy levels and the seasons inside and outside of you. Be more present with your energy cycle and as a result increase your performance in all areas of your life. When you honor the phases of your cycle it is like an energy hack: you know when your energy is at its lowest and highest and you can plan according to this knowledge. The result will be living a life that is rooted in bodily pleasure.

Body work

Everything that we do is to strengthen the connection between your mind and body.
This can happen on many levels, you decide what you feel most drawn to: 

  • As a trained herbalist, I’ll assist you in working with the right herbs that will support your body and ultimately your daily life! 
  • As a somatic bodyworker, you’ll be gently guided to transform any discomforts from their root (= in your body) 

The ultimate goal is for you to feel at home again in your body. From this grounded place, you can truly live from pleasure and peace. 

Creating a healthy relationship with your Mindset

It is scientifically proven that when we change our mindset, our whole experience changes.
In this 1:1 journey we will zoom into what shadows are blocking you from living in your most embodied way. Transforming the limiting beliefs of society that you need to hustle, ignore your body’s needs, or dumb down to keep your “secure” job…
You will learn to write your own story and your own set of beliefs that ring true in your life & body like: What are my deepest desires? How do I want to embody them? This all starts with an empowering mindset. I’d be honored to guide you in developing one. 

For Her; Live with your cycle

For all those who have their menstrual cycle, or (going into peri-)menopause, there will be extra focus on that. 

Many of us have been taught that the menstrual cycle is one of suffering, in the bible it is actually mentioned as a curse that all women need to suffer for the disobedience of Eve. How f*cked up is that?! In this container we dive deep into reclaiming the power and beauty of the menstrual cycle or the power of the Wise woman years if you’ve gone over into menopause. You will soon come to notice that your menstrual cycle acts as a barometer for your health and wellbeing. Including a holistic and mindful approach towards your cycle is key to living a fully embodied, pleasureful life. 


Three to five months of 1:1 support, depending on what you need. 

You receive weekly video calls with me with one* integration week per month. 

Prices vary to what feels most safe and expansive to you;

+ €200 – 500 / month 
+ €500 – 1000 / month 
+ €1000 – 2000 / month

When you apply you can share what price you prefer. 

*This integration week is to allow space for rest and integration, because if we allow our bodies and minds to take rest, we are more productive in the end and the results become deeply embodied. 

In between support.

In between the video calls, you will have voice and message support from me through telegram. I am available and answer messages at least once per day, monday-friday, 10am-4pm cet.

Access to all my courses. 

You will gain lifetime access to all my courses. These will help set the groundwork for our 1:1 time together, however you can go through them as desired. 

Lasting ripple effect.

The journey is set for 3-5months in linear time, but the work that we will do together will have a lasting effect long after our 1:1 is over. My mission is to ultimately become obsolete, so in this container you learn tools and habits that work for YOU in the long run. You will have come home to yourself in deeper trust, able to flow between action and rest and deeply embodied with pleasure! 


When I started coaching with Sarah, I saw my body and the way it functions primarily as a problem. As an object with hormonal problems that prevented me from achieving the worldly goals I was striving for.

I contorted myself to fit a thought pattern that I had learned would bring me acceptance and recognition. It all had to happen now or never. There could be no such thing as a bad day. Let’s get on with it.”

My biggest fear was that the world would not accept me if I would be who ‘I really am’. That everything would not be good enough. That I would not be good enough.

During the coaching with Sarah I chose self-love. I learned to choose radically for myself and to make choices for what is good for me. I learned to empathize with my body and to listen better to its signals. I learned to see her again, to recognise, respect and honour her.

I learned to use the nature that is in me and that moves around me as a source for the structure I so longed for. 

One of the most important things I learned during the coaching with Sarah is to allow myself a context that promotes my sense of wellbeing. This instead of squeezing myself into a context that doesn’t suit me.

Today I can look at my ‘problem’ and move around it like water, instead of fighting it. I regained the distance between myself and my feelings and restarted a grounding process that I had lost somewhere along the way.

Above all, I found the playfulness in myself again and a depth in life that has already given me a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm. I am less afraid of the future and have expanded my toolkit for dealing with imbalance.

What I especially take away from the coaching with Sarah is the fun and lightness it set in motion in my life, the warm feeling that someone is always there for you with good advice and the large amount of tailor-made exploration tools I received. I am sure that I will carry this journey with me much longer than just the three months we spent together.


I can always go to Sarah for a multitude of information about our cycle as well as about how we can be a woman and especially are allowed to be a woman. How you can behave, how you can feel good in your own skin and how you can be fully yourself. In just a few minutes, I already received many tips and information that helped me quickly to move forward.


I love how Sarah is very available to talk about everything that has to do with femininity, whether it is about the womb or menstruation or… She has a very broad knowledge. Sarah has done many studies, read soooo many books, listened to many podcasts and creatively shares this knowledge to you. Sarah is the person to go when you could use tips and tricks to make your life more pure and connected with femininity.

Laura B.