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For millennia menstruation has been suppressed which has a number of negative consequences: menstruation is seen as something dirty, shameful, and most wo-men are convinced that pain is part of menstruation. No dear lady, menstruation is sacred. It is the reason we are here on earth. When you learn how to live with your cycle, it will become your most profound tool for self-empowerment and self-discovery.

Dous is for all women who want to regain the magic of their menstrual cycle.


Are you ready to step into the wisdom of your body and reclaim your inner magic?


My offers to all women who want to connect to the wisdom of their bodies…

Dous coaching

Everyone has a role to play in this great web of life; We all possess soul gifts that we alone can manifest into reality, inner resources that are unique to our lives and person.
As women finding your soul gifts happens effortlessly when you reclaim the power of menstruation. Connecting with the power of your inner sea, the ebb and flow of your body brings you closer to your inner Creatrix.

In Dous coaching you will find guides, workshops, online teachings and 1:1 coaching journeys.

Dous products

Doux in French means soft. Comes from Latin ‘dulcem’ meaning sweet, soft, gentle. My last name is Dous, with this it was clear to me that my mission is to bring back female softness and harmony in our day-to-day lives.

In this area you can find handmade products that support your cycle, with an emphasis on comfort ~ not pain ~ and care for the earth through ecological materials. Also sensual upcycled Goddess inspired jewelry.
All made with love, passion and the greatest care for your body, soul and our planet.

Dous products

Free E-book

As a gift, from my heart and womb to yours, I offer you a free E-book; Moontime, The magic of menstruation. 

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About me

Hi there, 

I am Sarah Dous, Wisdom Keeper of Moon Magic, creatrix, teacher and coach. I am here to help women remember the wisdom of their bodies through working with the magic of the menstrual cycle. 

After finishing social work in the university and spending four years on the field working with the most diverse people, I felt a deep call to work with women and the female cycle.
Since then I am on a path of learning, teaching and bringing back the wisdom of our menstrual cycle into the collective. Not as a taboo or a painful curse where we need to suffer in silence, but as a path into deeper connection with your intuitive self which is rooted in connection with the earth. 

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