Cyclical Living Expert

 Connecting to your unique feminine wisdom is your main source of emotional, physical, financial abundance, freedom and pleasure

Hi there, 

I am Sarah Dous, I am here to help you remember that you deserve to be connected to your feminine wisdom, dear eco-femme, exactly the way you want it to look and feel. 

My greatest mission is to activate your integrated feminine self by helping you work with the fullness of cyclical living and mastering your inner world as your greatest tool for self-empowerment, self-acceptance, sensual freedom and financial abundance.

Free Flowing Woman program

My 1:1 coaching program is your persmissionslip to be unapologetically YOU. To finally come home to yourself and feel free in your feminine body. 

In this offering you will learn how to connect with your body’s wisdom and cyclical nature. It’s time to fully express your sensuality, a healthy relationship with your mindset and own personal story.













Dous is for the eco-femme who feels disconnected from her body and the earth and has a deep longing to re-connect and come home. This is for the woman who has not been able to tell her own story, who feels the pressure of the 2000+ years of patriarchy and deeply wants to change this. Both within herself and in the outer world. 

Feel blessed to be born in a female body
Flow Freely with your inner currents

Cyclical Living for Her

Cyclical Living for Her is a five week online journey that will deeply and lovingly reconnect you to your cyclical body & phsyche for the rest of your life.

This program is designed to activate your deepest feminine codes.
Cyclical Living for Her blends self-study with live calls and in between support.

Free E-book

As a gift, from my heart and womb to yours, I offer you a free E-book; Moontime, The magic of menstruation. 

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